38 – Gas Group Therapy

38 – Gas Group Therapy
18/19 Season

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In this episode of GasCast, the lads discuss Wednesday’s FA Cup humiliation at the hands of Barnet, Steve Hamer’s ‘Having a Gas’ interview on BBC Radio Bristol, and give their thoughts on the big question – Darrell Clarke: In or Out?

Ollie Neno hosts alongside Harley Thorne & Tom Metcalfe.

GasCast Episode 38

One Response to “38 – Gas Group Therapy

  • Steve Richards
    4 months ago

    Tom Nichols is a quality player. It would have been difficult for Bannister to have played without Warboys & now there is still no Smash for Grab. Major problems in central defence as there is no dominant centre back. Route one always causes defensive problems; full backs can’t/won’t tackle; midfield is always outfought; out run; out thought & the work rate is poor. There is no target man worth a balloon. Problems?

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