36 – Stick or twist?

36 – Stick or twist?
18/19 Season

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Stick or twist?

In Episode 36 of GasCast Harley Thorne, Tom Metcalfe and Max Alderson discuss what was a disappointing late loss to Walsall at home on Saturday. The lads discuss why The Gas are struggling in the final third, whether our defensive form has improved, and the bad feeling that surrounds the club at the moment. Do we stick with DC if this form continues?


One Response to “36 – Stick or twist?

  • stick, look where our successful neighbours leave us and many others behind. Their owners are brilliant, monied, clever and they have probably £50m of talent on the pitch. Change the manager and you change the back room staff and players. If we get that wrong we are down; heading back for Vanarama again

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