027 – Six in a row, should DC go?

027 – Six in a row, should DC go?

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GasCast Episode 27 – Six in a row, should DC go?

In Episode 27 of GasCast, Ollie Neno, Harley Thorne and Tom Metcalfe discuss what’s been a difficult month for Bristol Rovers and manager Darrell Clarke.

We look back at the recent defeats to Blackburn Rovers, AFC Wimbledon and Scunthorpe, as well as discuss chairman Steve Hamer’s controversial interview on BBC Radio Bristol’s Having a Gas show last week.

The pod ends with us previewing this Saturday’s game at the Memorial Stadium with Rotherham United; as we give our lineup and score predictions.

GasCast Episode 27

8 Responses to “027 – Six in a row, should DC go?

  • Julian Pirog
    1 year ago

    Imagine not knowing Rotherham’s key players, not saying I do either lol.
    One question that is playing on my mind & it fits the conspiracy nut profile but what if DC knows his contract would be paid up,if sacked ,& he is sick of the false promises made & now knows there will be no new stadium or academy he actively is attempting to get the sack ?
    I know that I’ve left companies who made me promises & then did not produce what was promised. I don’t think many would blame him if he was off in January.

    • I personally don’t think he would be in a great position to move on to a higher level if sacked from his position here. I think he really needs to turn this around for his own good as well as ours. He’s definitely seeming disenchanted with it at the moment though, hopefully that turns around!

  • Steve @ Liverpool
    1 year ago

    No! DC can’t organise a defence. Back 4 ineffective; central defenders can’t jump or read crosses – route one always devastating. Full backs can’t &/or won’t tackle to prevent crosses. If the ball doesn’t enter the box, teams usually opposing teams don’t score. Midfield constantly being over-run. Stop using the word shit!

    • I’m not sure whether you think he should stay or go?

    • Jon Roost
      1 year ago

      The club is in the process of recruiting a new defensive coach since Steve Yates left but no one has taken the role as far as I’m aware. Maybe our salary cap extends to our coaching staff aswell?

  • steve richards
    1 year ago

    Time the fans owned the club

  • Jon Roost
    1 year ago

    He spoke about shopping in Waitrose aldi and Poundland. How critical can we be of his players when he probably has had a poundland loyalty card for the year or so.
    Can you get someone on gas cast who actually believes clark should go! I read wide spread panic on the forum every time we lose a game but haven’t meet anyone in person who thinks he should be sacked. Would love to know what goes through their heads. Great podcast more regularly please though

  • Dave Belsten
    1 year ago

    No stadium,no new traing ground,no cash,ordinary team.Perhaps a step to far for DC..
    Living in France for ten years listen to rad Bristol but it does seem a bit dire at the moment
    but as Gerry Francis said in 1990 make the most of the good times as the bad will surely come.Keep suupporting C’Mon you blues ..Cruguelgas Brittany.

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