Tom Metcalfe chats to Steve Hamer and Ken Masters

Following on from this petition, Tom Metcalfe spoke with Steve Hamer and Ken Masters.

This audio is the edited chat. There were sections that needed to be removed due to the quality.

In the interest of transparency this is not a GasCast interview. This audio is only hosted by GasCast.


One Response to “Tom Metcalfe chats to Steve Hamer and Ken Masters

  • Stephen Richards
    2 weeks ago

    92% dictatorship, so do as you’re told. Fans may dream that it’s your club but dream on, you are an irrelevance. Time that BRFC was owned by the people who love it, the fans. The people who really care with a passion. The management treat fans with contempt & Duane Sports are driving the club into the ground with debt. BRFC is more than a business or a hobby for some Jordanian Bankster, it is part of the life & soul of Bristol, the city in which I was born. Stop being so respectful to management that will only take their ‘chop’ from the Bristol Rovers cash cow.

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