New Rovers e-zine: seeking submissions

Dear Gasheads,

Myself and a few friends are going to have a go at setting up a free-to-download .PDF e-zine, with a view to having a pilot issue out in August and the start of the season.

We wanted to keep it ostensibly a zine rather than a blog to have more control over page layout and be able to insert little doodles more easily. Hopefully it’ll have a lot in common with the 30p black and white zines of yore.

If you’d like to be interested in contributing an article, a story, a list, a joke, a drawing or anything really – give me a shout on


Thanks and UTG.

One Response to “New Rovers e-zine: seeking submissions

  • Tom,

    I applaud your efforts in attempting this as one thing is for sure, whilst we have a great majority who will happily leave their bile and dischord on social media, when it comes to giving something out that will be, in the main, positive, they sufdenly go quiet.
    I would like to send a few things in but it will be entirely up to you if you use them. Sadly, I think much of what I would have to contribute would be lost upon those who never got to Eastville and early years at fortress Twerton
    I wish you all the very best in this venture but just be prepared for some moaning from the self proclaimed superfans.

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