Embarrasing Performance

Game No 3
Opponents Peterborough Home Lost 4-1

Team                                                                                                                Performance Mark out of 10

Smith – Dodgy in air,distribution poor but couple good saves                                                          5
Leadbitter – Defensively poor throughout,caught out of position  and awful crossing                         3
Lockyer – Poor start to season continues.Should be dropped                                                           3.5
Sweeney – Gave the ball away causing sloppy second goal. Looks out of sorts.                                 4
Brown  – Defensively poor and laborious. One great cross for goai                                                   5
Bodin – Too many tricks that didn’t come off,couple of good moments ,hit the bar                            5.5
Lines – Does DC get him to play deep? An OK game but no real threat                                             5
Sercombe – The best of a poor midfield,was most likely player to score with long shots.                    6.5 MOM
Sinclair – Backwards and sideways is not good enough.Lacks any class  and a waste on left               4
Harrison – Service was poor but didn’t help himself and missed a sitter to make an undeserved 1-1   3.5
Nicholls – very poor first half. Second half a bit better without really threatening                               4.5


Gaffney – Brightened up the second half and scored with a far post header from accurate Brown cross  6
O Clarke – LOooked totally off the pace and didn’t improve the team but all shape had been lost          3.5
Moore – Didn’t really get into the game.Needed him to actually beat a man                                         4

Almost as poor as our performance. Missed far too much.                                                      4

Team performance summed up

Defence summed up
Pathetic from start to finish.Needed to learn to mark and pass a ball                  

Midfields summed up
Far too deeply set up with little width and ran into trouble far too often. Defensively went missing despite being deep.

Attack summed Up
– Punchless without a leader. best period when Gaffney came on 

Man of Match
Liam Sercombe

Let down in first League game again by mediocre performance following a summer where I would ask if DC has actually strengthened the team? I am not sure that we have replaced Montano, Easter or taylor but am prepared to give the new players longer.

Final Comment
New signings are needed and quickly or we will find ourselves firmly in the bottom third of the table. At least three quality players short and we need DC to be a bit brave and rest a few of the undroppables. With the stadium news this has been a disastrous start to the Campaign. This was the poorest I have seen for a long time and although if Harrison had put an easy chance away it would have been 1-1 and may have changed the game it would not have been deserved..

Peterborough – On the day far too good for us and gave us lessons in both personnel and tactics. Well worth the 4-1 win although in truth we gave them their goals with rank terrible defending.

One Response to “Embarrasing Performance

  • Chris Scargill
    2 years ago

    Deeply disappointed. An awful start to the season. This has got to be addressed PDQ.

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