Good win against Poor opposition

Game No 2

Cambridge United Home Carabou Cup

Team Performance                                                                                                                                      Mark out of 10
Smith- Surprised selected as would have given Slocombe a go but played well. Not sure about distribution                  7
Leadbitter- Good to have back-gives pace and width. Must improve consistency of crossing                                        8
Lockyer- Better than Saturday but not so good opposition                                                                                        7
Sweeney- Great to have back and looked steady and solid                                                                                       7.5
Brown – Another who played better than saturday- Excellent pass for first goal and cross for Harrison                          7
Bodin- Two excellent goals and some good moments on ball. As good as he was bad at the weekend.                          8.5
Lines – Not sure I like him in the deep role but played sensible passes and always available                                         7
Sercombe  – Excellent all action performance and would make him captain-Great goal and driving force                        9
Sinclair – Always there,snapping and prompting. Not sure about position out wide ,better used in away games              7
Nicholls – Looks a good footballer.Intelligent running,clever movement and unlucky not to score with great chip.           8
Harrison – maybe this is his standard.Good header for goal. Should have scored at least one more but reasonable         7


Gaffney- Back to his best and unless we sign a new striker would start him with Nicholls.Should have scored               7
Partington- Couple of shaky moments. Not sure about him but will give him time as not played much                            6.5
Moore – Looked good in the short time he was on. Added pace and trickery and looked dangerous                                 7.5

– Handled the game well, maybe a little lenient at times.                                                                                 7

Team performance summed up
– Have to take into account we were playing pretty well a Cambridge second eleven and there are much tougher tasks ahead but you can only beat what is in front of you.Good movement in the team but would like to see Byron Moore start ahead of Sinclair in home games.

Defence summed up- Not really tested a lot as Cambridge were never really in the game. It was a poor goal to give away. Broadbent was very unlucky to be left out and personally would have liked to have seen Bola given a start. 

Midfields summed up
– Looked very good. Movement and passing interactions good. Sercombe looks a class act and we retained possession well throughout the game.

Attack summed Up – Neat and clever overall but still not sure that Harrison is the answer up top as we wont play many worst teams than Cambridge. Liked the look of Nicholls but would be looking still fo9r another striker to partner him.

Man of Match
Liam Sercombe

Crowd Not a bad turn out on the night

Final Comment- I felt that considering the opposition we could have been better used giving Slocombe, Bola and Telford a game. I worry that Telford is going to be another of DC’s signings that never comes off the bench and will end up going back in January due to not being used. I have to say that there are some players in DC teams that are undroppable and we all know who they are however it is nice to win a cup game, whatever the opposition. let’s hope for a big gun in the next round but please not City as we are nowhere near good enough or ready for that IMO

Next game Peterborough Home – My team would be


Leadbitter              Lockyer                Sweeney             Brown

Bodin                    Lines               Sercombe (Capt)       Moore

                            Gaffney or NEW SIGNING  Nicholls

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