Chance missed

I have found this way as a compromise by using a stencil. its not a full match report but best I can do and it only takes me thirty minutes to do! Your comments /opinions on this format/content would be appreciated.

Game No 1

Charlton AWAY

Team Performance Mark out of 10
Smith Ok-could do better weith crosses 7
J Clarke Injured very early on N/A
Lockyer Passing awful,Lost player on goal 4
Broadbent Brilliant debut,strong and assured 7.5
Brown Crossing was bloody awful 4
Bodin Faded to oblivion 5
Sercombe Composed and attack minded 7
Lines Too deep but kept involved 6
O Clarke Not involved ,subbed too late 4
Sinclair Wholehearted,neither a wide midfield or full back 6
Harrison Punchless,lost ,rightly subbed 4.5

Nicholls tried hard but needs somebody to work with 6
Broom Not up to it yet but worked hard 5
Gaffney better than Harrison – Just!

Referee Poor ,sending off right but little else 4

Charlton Difficult to judge as went down to ten players after 6 minutes,held out well and fairly easily. 6

Team performance summed up Slow, predictable, punchless. Lots of possession but so little to show for it

Defence summed up Broadbent outstanding and didn’t really get that tested as a unit but Sinclair not a full back

Midfields summed up Laborious, predictable, too slow but not helped by lack of width and oiptions

Attack summed Up Completely punchless. Didn’t show up but to be fair the passes and crosses in to them was very poor

Man of Match Tom Broadbent- Great debut but unless he can play right central he will be dropped for Sweeney

Crowd Great support from over 2000

Final Comment My first opinion is that recruitment has left us with zero pace,no width and still without a leader of the attack. Need three players – 2 wide men and a centre forward.One up front is not going to work (back to John Ward tactiucs). The three players we need will cost good money

2 Responses to “Chance missed

  • Chris Scargill
    2 years ago

    I couldn’t agree with you more. A bit worrying. We definitely need 3 players in urgently.

  • Andy snell
    2 years ago

    Prefer this new format.
    What a great stadium, wish it was ours !
    Rovers disappointingly poor
    Lacked skill and ability with the ball.
    Much too much of just a hoof forward.
    Always thought Ellis would come good, but almost given up on him now – thought he was dreadful
    Agree re Broadbent
    Thought goalie looked very competent
    Nichols looked promising.
    If a two footed lunge is a redcard then it was a sending off (was in west stand and it happened immediately in front of me).
    Did the ballcross the line – no idea and would have to guess just like the officials.!
    Can only see Rovers in London, but hope they can do something much more effective at the Mem,

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