DC out? Are you serious?

This post is a follow on from my last post after the Charlton game: http://gas-cast.co.uk/blog/2016/12/29/meltdown-what-meltdown/

Six away defeats on the bounce is an uncomfortable statistic. Especially to fans that have travelled away this season and seen some pretty abject performances.

Offset that against four home wins on the bounce and Rovers currently sitting in 10th in League One and the away losses don’t seem so bad. Put that in the overall context of back to back promotions after dropping into the conference and you would think any Rovers fan would be over the moon at the moment.

However there are a vocal minority of fans that aren’t satisfied and actively think DC should be sacked.

I can’t get into this mindset myself. Of course DC has made mistakes and he will continue to do so. This is only his SECOND season as a league manager. I think it would be silly to suggest that he should be getting everything right. However he has got thing broadly right on the pitch and this is reflected in our league position.

The other reason some fans aren’t happy is that we haven’t made some big money signings and we aren’t pushing hell for leather for the top six. We were all happy with evolution not revolution last February, but it seems some fans have forgotten that. This could be that being in the playoff places earlier in the season has raised expectations too far. I trust DC to do the best with the budget afforded to him. Overall he has done very well in the transfer market and as he has shown he can be very ruthless which is a trait I admire in a football manger.

Everyone is entitled to be wrong don’t get me wrong, however calling for DC’s head while we’re sitting in the top half is ludicrous in my option. To some fans this makes me a ‘happy clapper’ but I’d rather be supportive of the team than constantly moaning.


Realistically DC is probably going to guide us to a mid table finish and rebuild in the summer. I for one can’t think of anyone better for the task. Things would be a lot worse without him.

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