Meltdown? What meltdown?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent most of this week in my PJs watching Netflix and wondering how many Ferrero Rochers I can eat before I have to admit I have a problem. This has also given me a bit of time to think about the recent Gas meltdowns.

For the start of the run we have to go back to Milwall. I don’t think we did too badly considering we were a man down after 15 minutes, but 4-0 is still a heavy loss. That along with  a drubbing by Charlton (where we were poor) and going out against Barrow meant that the grumbling amongst fans had started.

The Shrewsbury loss where the players were booed off the pitch (only by sections of the crowd I must add) unleashed a hell of a meltdown that saw fans publicly questioning DCs ‘diamond’ based formation, the squads quality, DCs inexperience at this level, how much money Wael has, etc, etc. One fan had even suggested Gary Rowett might be a better option after his sacking by Birmingham. That one shocked me as it’s the first time since the conference season that I’d heard anyone suggest DC isn’t the best man for the job.

With the above in mind the win against Coventry was huge. DC went 4-4-2 at home and it paid dividends against an admittedly poor Coventry team. If we follow this up with a win against Wimbledon on Saturday the fans will be singing his praises and talking up our back to back promotion heroes once again.

Its amazing how used to success the fans have become and how quick they are to dismiss players that have brought the club back to back promotions. I think the early season march into the playoff places had raised expectations amongst supporters and being brought back down to earth a bit can only do us good at this point.

For me I would be happy to finish mid-table this season. Anything more is a bonus.

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