In the bleak midwinter

Whilst the weather does not at the present time resemble a Bleak Midwinter the football certainly does! and on todays showing January cannot come quickly enough but there again we have to rely on what Darrell can do in the January Sales which really does worry me because we lack quality and whilst DC says that he wants or needs to bring in some quality surely that is exactly what he was looking for in the summer in the shape of James, Roos, Roberts,Hartley, Boateng, Moore and Colkett. At the moment I think we are looking at a pretty poor return from all these additions and it is this that worries me. I very much hope that the current situation is merely a blip and not the bubble bursting on DC’s tinkering, formations and what has been a fantastic period of success for our club. The ironic thing about today was that the side was unchanged from last week with only one change in the complete squad with Lines returning to the squad at the expense of Leadbitter. By the end of the game there would be three substitutions made very early in the second half and I am sure it would have been about seven if the rules had allowed.

From a reporting point of view I have to say that for the first time this season I was board as we struggled to get a shot on target and I can’t recall the home keeper needing to make a save and so this reflects in the length of this report as I could have been really scathing on all members of the team and the Manager but like the team today cannot be bothered as all optimism was knocked out of me by yet another schoolboy goalkeeping error and although I couldn’t bring myself to boo the team at the end it was no more than they deserved.

Santa Puddy 1 What does DC do with our keepers or should I say the Keeper coaches
. Pathetic attempt to stop a corner and ended up plonking the bloody ball at their players feet about a foot from the line. Doesn’t inspire any confidence whatsoever and the first goal was just about one of the most embarrassing I have ever seen. Will Mildenhall be the Saviour again? Can we actually trust DC to get us another keeper? Personally I would put Roos straight back in for Boxing Day.

J Clarke 2 It’s not xmas yet and he’s already had too much turkey
that is obviously the reason he didn’t get near their winger all match.

Lockyer 1
Like the shepherd who lost his sheep so Tom is searching for his form. Struggled today badly and really needs a rest over the Christmas period.

Hartley 3 A wise man who should be captain but as yet has not found his feet. The best of the back four but that was nothing to be proud of.

Brown 2 .
Defensively poor and his crosses were even worse

Boateng 2 As poor this week as he was good last week

O Clarke 2 Another who went missing for 90 minutes along with the rest of his midfield colleagues

Sinclair 2 Even the effort looked a chore today
and part of an entire midfield that lacked any quality today. In fact you could almost say that the entire team lacked any quality but the surprising thing was that without ever looking like scoring after the first five minutes we were on top for long spells.

Colkett 1 For god sake give him all the players Christmas Dinners and bulk him up a bit as this was a very lightweight performance.

Taylor 1 Don’t know about dreaming of a White Christmas but his mind certainly didn’t appear to be on the game and put over the only good chance of the second half.

Gaffney 3 A few good runs but can’t give a striker over a three when he didn’t manage a shot on target all game
but had two good chances to score.

Harrison 4
Probably did more in the short time he was on the pitch than the rest of the team but like the rest did not manage to get a shot on target.
Bodin 1 Tricks eluded him today. Terrible.

Lines 2 Was OK for the time he was on until it came to the final pass and then it was woeful.

Crowd 8 Oh come all ye faithful ……and we did in our numbers
to be rewarded with a performance that must rank as one of the worst under DC.

Ref 5 Neither good or bad . penalty seemed a bit harsh but at least put us out of our misery.

DC What has happened to our team? Have the numerous tinkering caught up with him? Has something happened in the background? Is our squad as happy as we were given to believe?All questions that todays lack lustre performance brings to mind. However 11th in League 1 is a position that is highly acceptable in our first season back in League one with half of it still to go. If this had been Boxing Day then the excuse of too much Christmas dinner or drink could have been used but as it was it can only be looked upon as a rare occasion when the entire team failed to turn up and even second half DC could not weave his magic.

Shrewsbury 5. They turned up and spoiled the party. They didn’t need to be good to beat us and with so many presents coming their way the only surprise was that they didn’t score more.

I am sorry that I cannot bring you glad tidings of great joy but I wish all gasheads a very Happy Christmas. Onwards and upwards….I hope! UTG

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  • Chris Scargill
    2 years ago

    Yes. I was utterly disgusted by that result. Admittedly I wasn’t there but sadly it was no more than I expected. We’ve really got some work to do and soon.

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