One of the 65

Just a very quick and very short report for the most “nothing” competition in over 50 years of watching the Gas. It really was a game of two halves; good first half and awful second. To be honest the performance second half was totally nonexistent and disappointing and luckily only a small band had to endure it but that said I would NEVER be happy with a defeat no matter what the competition.

Roos 5 Didn’t touch the ball in the two minutes he was on so kept a clean sheet but in truth a nonsense of a decision and a total waste of a substitute.

Leadbitter 7 Had a good game both up and down the pitch with a couple of good crosses and one which Gaffney should surely have put us in the lead.

McCrystal (Capt) 6.5 Did little wrong but was a little slow at times but proved he can do a job if called upon.

Hartley 7.5 MOM A rock at the heart of a defence that whilst stretched at times did a pretty good job.

Roberts 7 Particularly good first half in place of Lee Brown and another who did little wrong against a difficult opponent and Pompey’s style of play which spreads the ball across the pitch.

Mansell 6 Pretty good first half, winning lots of balls and using it pretty well but tired unsurprisingly and should have been replaced before a booking.

Boateng 6 Another who looked far better first half than second. Very strong on the ball and didn’t waste it.

Colkett 4 Off the pace completely. Maybe the illness left him short but just wasn’t involved and one of the few who didn’t have a good first half. A couple of great passes but that was it.

Easter 7 Brilliant first half where everything good seemed to involve him but like most others went missing in the second half. Deserved a goal but his finishing was not to the standard of his approach work.

Gaffney 4 Some good running at times but he is there to score goals or set things up and effectively did neither both halves. Should have finished a great cross from Leadbitter. For me, we need a new Centre forward in January if we are to maintain our form.

James 6 Some good movement, unlucky with a fantastic run and shot that hit the post first half but fought a lone battle and after a couple of hard tackles or “fouls” he seemed to lose confidence or the appeal of the task.


Puddy 2 Disappointing and from the minute he was on the pitch he looked shaky. Miscontrol of a simple pass back saw him give the penalty away but he produced a great save (One more than Mildy has ever made for us) but was lucky to mishandle a ball over the bar from a long shot and then slipped over for a cracking long range shot that was straight at him about just above waist height but went in over his head and hands! and made the City goal from the half way line keeper “error” look ok.

Ollie Clarke 3 Brought on I assume to enable an off-form Colkett to go in the hole to replace Easter but it didn’t work.

Harrison 2 Looked totally disinterested and did nothing and the only consolation was he was not on for long.

Crowd 5 – Was there one? On a cold and rainy night, the Bovril was nice but the 65 as I am sure we will always be remembered (if anything from this competition is remembered!) deserved better from the team.

Referee 6 Not bad.

Portsmouth 7 Their much-changed team overall looked more up for it but there again their performances recently have been very poor so the players coming in had a lot to prove. Played expansive football well but do we ever get a result at Pompey.

DC The second-minute substitution signaled a not care less attitude which disappointed me. The first half team had promise but in the second half just didn’t compete. Substitutions were strange, to say the least, but overall I am sure that Dc will not lose any sleep over this result and the only real useful points learned maybe that Mansell, McCrystal and Roberts can do a reasonable job if required.

So thankfully we move on to The New Den and hopefully return to winning ways.

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