At least we get another chance but should have won

This is not a long report because to be honest it was not a very good game . We had lots of possession and loads of space particularly when Crawley went down to 10 men but our final ball was mainly poor despite some really good play leading up to it and all our strikers struggled to do anything at all which did make it difficult when the wide men broke . I would blame the strikers as much as the wingers because it is very difficult to pick out players who are not making good movement. I felt overall we were much the better team in both halves but on saying that we actually didn’t create many chances against a very physical side and it was possibly one of the worse games I have seen this season in terms of goalmouth action.

Roos 7 A good all round game. No chance with the goal conceded but pulled off a couple of good saves and looked commanding throughout.

Roberts 7
Solid if not spectacular. Got stuck in and passed the ball well. He is not direct in his attacking like Leadbitter but prompts well and is more in control of the ball at feet
7 Very good game and but for a couple of slack moments would have pressed more for Man of the Match. Was much more at home playing against Lesser opponents and rarely lost out on challenges for the ball. His calming influence showed even more as the game went on.

Hartley 8 MOM
Huge performance from the big man. His experience and toughness for a battle cut out any aerial threat Crawley had and looked composed on the ball , rarely gave it away and certainly knows when to bring the ball out and when to hit it long. I know Clarke-Salter is a very good player but for his experience Hartley would be first on my team sheet and he presents a threat in both boxes.

7 Great goal and worked hard throughout the match to defend well and to attack down the flanks. He put in a couple of good crosses and came even stronger as the games went on, providing a good foil for Montano and as soon as Montano came on they started to work together.

O. Clarke
6 Similar to Sinclair but without the engine to keep being involved. Got in some challenges and tried hard but there is something missing in his game and for long periods he goes missing and his decision making when in possession is questionable.

Sinclair 6.5 Always in the thick of things and always ready to get in a challenge and win possession but a lot of that is wasted when the players around him are not making themselves available enough. That said it did not matter too much as Crawley are really just an average League 2 side with very little up front and it was a bit like cat and mouse for most of the game as possession swapped regularly . We had the better of it and a lot of that was down to Sinclair but his problem is that he does not have the quality to make attacking things happen but as aball winner and retaining possession either sideways or back he was good.

6 A very mixed game in that at times he looked very good whilst at other times he looked slow and laboured. In possession he tried to make things happen everytime he had the ball and for that his performance was good but there is always a risk that he would lose the ball and on a couple of occasions he did and could have cost us. Felt he missed Colkett and Lines to work with him as neither Ollie Clarke or Sinclair are really creative players. There is definitely a touch of class about him and his physique makes him stand out but his lack of both pace and overall fitness lets him down.

Easter 5.5 Not much I can really say. Lots of neat touches but mostly all ended up with a backward pass and has not really found his feet since coming back from the suspension which is a shame because he was one of our best players before that night at Sheffield.

Harrison 4.5
The odd bit of good play but overall another disappointing performance from Ellis. I was hoping against a lower division team that Ellis would prove the difference but all he proved was that he is just not up to the standard required at the moment and although he was dealt with roughly by the Crawley defence he did not help things by constantly falling to the ground.
Taylor 5
Not one of his better games and it ended today with him leaving the field after a bad challenge and there were plenty of those..

Moore 5
Ran a lot but did not make the most of a huge amount of space given to him. His deliveries were poor and he lost the ball unnecessarily at times.

Montano 7
Had the beating of his full back every time he took him on and showed lots of skill in his shortish appearance. His crossing like Byron Moore was not good but some of this was down to the strikers not taking up good positions. He really deserves a good run in the side. He hit a fierce shot over the bar and overall his runs at least brought a bit of excitement to pretty dull affair.

James 4
Just doesn’t look good enough for me.

Crowd 6
Backed the team as always away from home but to be honest what was dished up was not particularly good entertainment.

Ref 6
Reasonable game but a little lenient and let Crawley get away with too much.

Crawley 6 Had plenty of skilful players but in all honesty just an average League 2 team with two massive central defenders and a willingness to break down any momentum with niggly fouls. On a day when our forwards were not really at the races we still didn’t really look like losing and a draw should give us a great chance of going through at the Mem.

DC No real criticism of his team selection today other than I can’t really see what Harrison is doing to get selected over Gaffney. I would say that most of DC’s signings have been good but at the moment I really can’t see what Luke James offers us and I just don’t think that we can have Sinclair and Ollie Clarke in the same side although as I understand it there was illness in the camp so selection was very much restricted.

So we move on to the Checkatrade nothing match against Portsmouth and I have to be honest and say I won’t be that disappointed if we get knocked out of a trophy that this season has been ruined by the organisers. We rarely get anything against Pompey but it doesn’t seem that they are that interested either. The only reason I would like us to get through is really as another Competitive game to give some of our players a chance to get a full game under their belt, Team selection will be interesting to say the least!! UTG

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