More devalued than the Pound

Well firstly this is a very brief Match Report as if we can’t beat a poor Yeovile side in a tin pot trophy at home in front of a sparsely filled Mem then I’m not going to waste three hours doing a report!

Roos 7 Usual commanding game and went for every ball that came in the area even under strong challenges and came out on top.

Leadbitter 5 Very average game. Seems lacking in confidence.

James Clarke 8 MOM Did nothing wrong and did his chances no harm

Hartley (Capt) 7 Had his one moment where he lost firstly the ball and then the race back to retrieve the situation but other than that a strong game.

Brown 6 Bit of a mixed bag from Lee until substituted. Not at his best.

Montano 7 Another mixed bag but one of the few who looked like they might score a goal. Had about four shots on goal and possibly did score a deflected winner which many felt went over the line. At least he got 90 minutes but visibly tired in the last 10 minutes. Excellent winning penalty which thankfully avoided any further action.

Boetang 6 Looks skilful on the ball but lacks pace and looks like running is a chore. Certainly needs a midfield three to play in and not with the Beard as he can’t cover all the holes that the Beard leaves.

Sinclair 5.5 Tried and tried but that is not always enough. A few forward passes every now and again would not go amiss.

Moore 5 Poor apart from a few runs.

James 5.5 Tries hard, a few skilful touches and should have gained us a penalty but really showed nothing that makes me feel he is ready or able to play a League 1 game.

Gaffney 6 Some good lay offs and control but won absolutely nothing in the air.Put one good chance inches wide.


Taylor 5 Played too deep in the short time he was on.

Bodin 6 Brought on to try and sneak a goal and went close on a few occasions showing plenty of skill.

Colkett 6 Always wanted the ball in the short time he was on. Always prompting and there were some superb long passes and some poor ones but there is always a risk when you do at least try to pass the ball forward.

Ref 5 Should have given a penalty first half but was about as low key as the game itself.

Crowd 6 The Mem in a 2000 crowd is not really the place to be. From the side heard the Yeovile supporters more than the home end but it was not the sort of game to create a good atmosphere

DC Perhaps he set out to prove that 4-4-2 is not always the answer by playing Boetang and Sinclair together. it looked like a mixed up team and played like one . It was worst than a typical DC first half and improved (as it had to) in the second half. 2 points from a game against Reading Academy and Yeovile is hardly acceptable.

Yeovile 5 Probably the poorest Yeovile side I have seen other than the last time we beat them at Yeovile but still good enough to probably shade the first half and hold out with 10 players for the last 15-20 minutes. Keeper saved them from a deserved defeat.

Overall a game we deserved to win but one we should have won if we had taken any of the good chances created in the second half. We now have to win at Portsmouth to stand any chance of progressing but in all honesty do we really want to progress in a cup that has been more devalued than the pound.

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