Rain, Rain and more Rain

As we were short changed on entertainment yesterday so will my Match Report . It will not be at all difficult to erase every minute of this match from memory other than maybe the debut of Roos in goal. of course if somebody said before the game that you would see one half of football then based on more matches than I care to remember you would guess that it was going to be the one that you wanted to forget- so often the second half performance bears no resemblance to the first. Anyway here goes.

Roos 8
MOM Great debut. Looked strong,competant and confident. Made a fair few good saves to keep us in the game. No real spectacular saves but that is not what goalkeeping is about. He really looks the part and handled a very wet ball very well.
Leadbitter 4
Beaten too often and never really looked confident in possession. wasted the one cross he did go to put in but yet again failed miserably as a wingback.

Brown 5
A very average half and couldn’t get forward much as we allowed Swindon the freedom of the park. Their half of the pitch was pretty well a Football free zone and that was pretty well halfway into our half as well.

Lockyer 5
Nowhere near his usual standards and when we did get the ball he , like most of the others wasted it.

J Clarke 4.5
Struggled to get close to opponents and was substituted and I think two others would have followed if the game had continued.

Hartley 6
The pick of a poor defence that was breached far too often. Looks a good player who should IMO captain the side.

Sinclair 5,5
Tried his best but on this occasion was just not good enough as there were just too many unmarked opponents to chase.

O.Clarke 4.5
Our only shot of note but just not at the races and went missing totally for long spells. Surprised he stayed on the pitch as for me halftime was crying out for far more than Bodin.

Lines 6
The pick of a very poor midfield but there again if your defenders are going to let their players drift away from them and you are giving away possession then the midfield was just an area over populated with Swindon Players. At least Chris tried to play football and get on the ball but I do wish he would sometimes play the simple ball.

Taylor 5
Poor game as was pretty well starved of the ball but lost it far too easily when it did come in his direction.

Harrison 5.5
Tried his hardest to make the most of a terrible service.

DC 5 Set up the same way we did at Chelsea. I really feel this learning curve is going to be a tough one if he doesn’t change the basic structure of the way we play 3-5-2. The “hold them in the first half philosophy” has served us well BUT it is not ideal when there is only one half!! Swindon had done their homework and totally dominated with the possession which we freely gave them. Would we have improved if the game had reached its conclusion? History tells me we would have done but it was not difficult after such an awful first 45 minutes.

Fans 10
Kept singing in the rain despite the football. The worst soaking I have taken in 50 years of watching the gas!! I am sure we were being asked to do a first cut for the latest blockbuster of Noahs Ark on the terraces of Swindon. To stand out in that rain and watch that tripe every supporter deserves a 10!!

Swindon 7
I really don’t think they are that good but made to look much better by being over respectful. Too many sides in this division are capable of holding on to the ball if you allow them the freedom of the park and that is just what we did. Forgive the pun but we didn’t really look like stemming the tide!!

Referee 4 Prolonged the agony totally unnecessarily and made us get even more soaked when it was pretty obvious that the pitch was never going to recover. The decision to take the players off should have been his final act of the day. Had no sense whatsoever and was booking everybody in site with no regard to the awful conditions and even if the game had continued it would have been a struggle for both teams to stay at 11 players. The decision was obviously correct with the game already a lottery and a farce for the 10 minutes before the players came off. I just can’t believe the radio Commentator that both Managers wanted to continue when it was obvious that the conditions had made football impossible.

So we move on to a history making game against the Reading Academy. Please, please Mr Clarke don’t treat them with so much respect and set up with our quality players on the pitch rather than our workers. We do have the quality to enable us to attack the opposition and actually go in at half time with a lead!

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