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As the season draws to a close, what better to do than look back on some of the off the pitch highlights of Rovers related social media from recent times past. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully captures just a few of the recently memorable moments & movements within the Rovers community.

Fan Art Triumphs

While barely adequately photoshopped pictures of Captain Black Arab boarding planes and enjoying beaches were enough to satisfy our desire for content in the past, this season in particular has seen the rise of a number of fan driven art projects. Liam Banes’s piece of the Memorial Stadium received widespread praise, Tonz’s beautifully crafted work throwing back to Wembley was stunningly produced and Max Alderson’s ‘Evolution of Darrell Clarke’ piece was warmly received. These would be just three examples of a multitude of pieces that Gasheads assembled to produce to fill a void that the club was unable to fill itself.

A special mention must go to The Rovers Ram, whose linkup with artist Minty has raised an excellent sum of cash for Marie Curie.

Max Alderson's piece would be just one of many Rovers related fan art projects.

Max Alderson’s piece would be just one of many Rovers related fan art projects.

If interested in learning more about these, don’t forget to follow Liam, Tonz, & Max on Twitter. Liam Bane’s work can be purchased here, and Tonz has recently launched a store for his work, available at

You can support The Rovers Ram‘s fundraising efforts at The Gas Supports Marie Curie.

GasCast Is Born

Targeting another gap in the market, GasCast was born in 2015. A fans podcast, by the fans, and for the fans. Founded by the three friends Oliver Neno, Harley Thorne, & Max Alderson with a regular supplement of guest participants including Jake Barber & Adam Craig, the three hosts would go on to discuss all things Rovers as well as snaring Lee Brown and Lee Mansell for open and candid interviews which would provide a real insight beyond the normal media interviews with the players. It would also open up a venue for multiple members of the community to find an audience that they would otherwise have been unable to reach and many thousands of unique visitors have gone on to read blogs submitted by fans through the website.

For more GasCast, you are already here! But do follow GasCast, as well as the hosts Olly, Max & Harley on Twitter.

Shaun Derry & the Rory Gaffney Saga

The Rory Gaffney signing announcement was one of the most protracted in recent memory. Cambridge’s insistence on playing hardball and a series of announcements followed by further delay added to the social media frenzy. Images of a detained Rory Gaffney did the rounds while Shaun Derry was the focus of many fans ire. It wasn’t until a grainy photo of the top half of Rory’s head had been snapped in the Memorial Stadium car park until fans really started to believe that the man dubbed the ‘Ginger Messi’ could really be returning to the Gas.

Just Thunder & Lightning On A Screen, Mate

A short mention must of course be made for our friends at Wycombe who boast some of the most interesting supporters out there who inadvertently provide hours of entertainment. Custodians of a slightly aggressive-online teenage fanbase with everyone’s favourite drummer producing some outstanding content, they reached new highs when one of their fans was spotted by Luke Phillips wearing a Sainsburys bag on his head for their visit to the Memorial Stadium. We are not in the business of giving out prizes on this blog, but if we were, that chap would be a front runner for away fan of the season.

A Wycombe fan wearing a Sainsburys carrier bag on his head while watching a defeat for his side at the Memorial Stadium.

A Wycombe fan wearing a Sainsburys carrier bag on his head while watching a defeat for his side at the Memorial Stadium.

I’d advise against following any of them on Twitter, but for Sainsbury’s bag on head fun, follow Luke Phillips.

Michael Cunnah

There are rumours that Rovers have appointed Michael Cunnah, former Finance Director of the FA and Chief Executive of Wembley Stadium to oversee the building of our new stadium. We are not able to confirm these rumours for you at this time. 

BRFC Love Test Lad

A season of controversy for BRFC’s resident love test lad. After using the popular online tool to establish if Lee Mansell and his wife actually love each other (to a somewhat mixed response from the Rovers community including Lee Mansell himself), a series of other tests would produce further revealing results. The surprise moment of the season was undoubtedly a now removed from the internet intimate one on one interview with James Clarke where the defender was quizzed on several topics including his current weight and the the squad members’ dogs. 

He can be found on Twitter, if he hasn’t found you first.

Faithful and True

John Thomson’s videos have continued to sweep like wildfire through the community and to describe his videos as Marmite would probably be fair. One of his more notable recent videos, a curious celebration of both Lee Brown’s contract renewal & his rugged good looks was certainly an eyebrow raiser for many a Gashead. Fuelled by stirring rhetoric and psychic kneecaps, a series of videos reflecting on the past and gazing optimistically to the future have inspired many a fan to buy a ticket and get behind their team. His book ‘Faithful and True’ has attracted good reviews from Gasheads far and wide.

Inspired yet, Gasheads?

Inspired yet, Gasheads?

John Thomson’s content can be found on his Twitter timeline, as well as on his Vimeo channel. His book is also available for purchase on Amazon.


The emergence of the GasGirls was certainly felt in some quarters. While the somewhat infamous BRFC Appreciation thread was probably too much for the majority of fans, discussing at great length, no pun intended, the finest merchandise Anne Summers have to offer, they certainly made their presence known to all fans in the stadium when they assembled in a box for a match day. Credit must go to the brave players who were on hospitality duty that day, but it was refreshing to hear Irene being sung from one of the boxes for a change!

Mark Watkins

A frequent poster on the now legendary ‘BRFC Appreciation’ page, Mark Watkins has really made a name for himself with the production of high quality Rovers related songs. His most significant contribution has been ‘Thank You Matty Taylor (the goals you’re scoring)’ which is a catchy lyric fest that challenges the listener to rethink what football chants really are. His followup piece in celebration of Lee Brown’s contract renewal would also go on to receive widespread acclaim.

Mark’s content is frequently posted to BRFC Appreciation, but you can listen to his Matty Taylor song here (Thank you, Joe!)

Terry Nutkin

Resident source of insider knowledge and LSNZine editor Terry Nutkin’s season was notable for several big reveals, some not always accurate, on the transfer front. He would also spend copious amounts of time seeking recognition for famously crowning Northampton champions only 90 minutes into the season. His most significant achievement was the creation of a poem containing a not-so-cryptic message expressing a wish for the at the time Chairman, Nick Higgs, to leave the club. This made itself onto Bristol Rovers Official Twitter account before subsequently being published on the Bristol Post website. A recent triumph of Terry’s led to a fan angrily berating the club for believing, incorrectly, that he would need to produce Voucher N and a fiver, on top of their season ticket, to get into the home game against Yeovil.

Terry Nutkin pictured spotting Matty Taylor playing for North Leigh.

Terry Nutkin pictured spotting Matty Taylor playing for North Leigh.

Follow Terry at your own risk, as well as supporting his Fanzine LSNZine here!

Legendary GasChat Threads

The “A New Beginning ? (Begins!)” thread may well go down as being one of the most legendary threads in Rovers history. An array of (what looked on the face of it to be) unfounded rumours, accusations, bickering, infighting, and “I told you so’s” rumbled on for 292 glorious pages. We will never really know how much of the thread was based off actual information vs wishful thinking. The clubs sale to the Al-Qadi family was ultimately covered in the accurate “End Game” thread, which at 56 pages was a baby in comparison to its predecessor. Gasincider, well done.

GasChat is always open to new members, sign up at

So there we have it. Something I have missed? let me know @DougGas on Twitter!

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