Arise, Sir Colin Daniel

Arise, Sir Colin Daniel

With our upcoming home fixture against Mansfield, I thought I would shine a spotlight on someone who deserves much credit in the history of B.R.F.C 1883 and that man is; Colin Daniel.

I know what you’re thinking; “Isn’t he the man who scored the goal to relegate us from the Football League?!” And you would be right.

Though I appreciate this was the darkest day in our history, it also proved to be the turning point and catalyst for our future success. A blessing in disguise if you will, in which Colin Daniel played a headline grabbing role.

Because let’s face it, we’ve only ourselves to blame for relegation and we had been flirting with disaster for many a year. The deadly cocktail of overpaid journeymen and disinterested managers, with a dash of ‘we’re too big to go down’ mentality, was always going to lead to a sickening hangover and see us nightmarishly fall out the league.

Fortunately this nightmare woke us up from a state of incompetent sleepwalking (not to be confused with incontinence, though allegedly many in box 1 experienced this on that fateful day).

With our red friends using Sir Colin as their hero, it’s time to take back what is rightfully ours. Much like our adoption of the term ‘Gasheads’, it was meant to be a derogatory term but we so beautifully turned it on its head, to encapsulate a positive, humorous and thick skinned attitude of supporting Bristol Rovers.

So I think it’s fitting that we should do the same for a man who signifies the moment that we, as a club, changed our foolish ways and entered on a new and prosperous path.

So arise Sir Colin Daniel, for we have our Rovers back.

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