The best £10 I’ve ever spent

For just £10 a season I am a member of the Bristol Rovers Fan’s Forum Sponsor Club (FFSC). This club run by fans has raised over £16,000 for the club since it’s inception in 2013 through sponsorship of games, players and youth organisations associated with the club.

As a member one of the many benefits is entry into prize draws for things like signed shirts and free entry to hospitality at home games. I was very fortunate to be one of the lucky winners for hospitality on Tuesday against Hartlepool.

I’d not been to hospitality at any football ground so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was lucky enough to be sat with some of the names I knew from the forum (thanks russgas, hugo and dazza for the company). I had a really nice carvery meal while the chat was about the recent take over and how to con the timeshare people out of a free holiday. Harley Thorne and Wael Al-Qadi

Wael and Steve Harmer made and appearance and there was an interview with Andy Reece and a few lucky souls were invited to box 1 by Wael.

When I took my seat at the top of the Dri-build I realised my luck had run out for the night as I found myself sat in front of the GasCast lads, Terry from Last Saturday Night and the Rovers Ram :/

There was constant noise from the guys all through the game and among my favorites for the night was this beaut as we raced into a 3-0 halftime lead. No one was safe from their chanting, Mildenhall, Steve Hood, Gaffney, the opposition goalkeeper and even one of the stewards were all serenaded.

Halftime was spent chatting with Ryan Broom about his chances of breaking into the first team which meant I missed the kick up competition that apparently went on between Wael and Steve!

I can’t remember Hartlepool offering much in the second half after they scored and once Matty Taylor completed his hattrick (a perfect one I might add) and that was the result sewn up.

Matty Taylor WHAT ARE THOSE?

Thanks to the Rovers Ram for the photo

Back to the bar for the post-match presentations and I along with dazza and Andy Reece presented Matty with his man of the match award.

He had been dragged up to the bar before he had a chance to shower so I could forgive him for not having changed, however no one can forgive him for the monstrosities on his feet that someone (assuming a child) had crudely scrawled MT10 on. WHAT ARE THOSE!? @matthewtaylor69

Matty Taylor Man Of The Match Hartlepool United FFSCThere was a raffle after the game for the FFSC with prizes including a signed shirt, a signed MT print from the Rovers Ram, a Bristol Blue Glass vase, and a few other bits raising over £200 for the cause (£1500 raised on the night in total).

All in all I had a fantastic night, throughly recommend signing up to the FFSC details of which can be found on the gaschat forum here or on twitter @FFSclub.

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  • Geoff Banwell
    3 years ago

    Probably oldest on Forum at 70 but still travel to games from Staffordshire.So much better than teams up here like Stoke and Wolves.Who are they??

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