14 games to go!

With 14 games to go, the gas currently sit 10th in league two. It’s been an up and down 2016 so far for the boys in blue which have seen them win three, lose four and draw one out of the last eight games. But just recently we haven’t only seen a dip in results but a dip in performances also.

It all started back at the end of January when Rovers lost 1-0 to Accrington and since then we haven’t really seen the Rovers we have all enjoyed watching this year. There are many things you could put it down to. Certain players not performing to their usual standards, new players added to the squad , players leaving to go out on loan or even just the pressure of doing well and a real chance of back to back promotions getting to the players could all be valid reasons for a team not performing as well as they have. Personally I think it is a mixture of all those things but I also think it is something we shouldn’t worry about. For now. Every good team in a season will have their blip in form and performances and I’m hoping this is just one of those times for the gas.

I’ve already touched on the fact of new players coming into the squad being a possible reason for the blip but I couldn’t write this without mentioning what we are all thinking……

Liam Lawrence has been a top Footballer in his career plJMP_Barnet_vs_Bristol_Rovers_RS063aying for his country and Stoke in the premier league, but unfortunately for Rovers he hasn’t been able to show us any of that quality since joining the gas in early January. He has started the last four matches which have seen Rovers win only once and lose the other three. I’m not saying he is the sole reason for these bad performances but I personally feel it has had a negative effect and would like to see him dropped for T10975013-largeuesday night’s game against Hartlepool United.

I haven’t feared the beard that much lately either. I love Stuart Sinclair like every other Gashead out there and he will always be one of the first names on the team sheet for me, but we haven’t seen the man of the match performances we are so used to lately and I hope they come back soon. It’s probably his own fault for setting his standards so high. He’s still a Legend and like I said he’s always going to be in the team if he’s fit. Fingers crossed he will be back tomorrow night after missing the Wycombe game.

lets hope we can get back to winning ways with a top notch performance tomorrow night. I have complete faith in Darrell and the lads to turn it around and give us an exciting end to the season. UTG!

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