Prove me right by proving me wrong!

Tucked away in a corner between an industrial estate and a forest lies Adams Park, a ground most Gasheads will be familiar with, a typically quiet ground and home of the twice family club of the year award winners. I said typically quiet, this Saturday was an exception as the gas were in town. 1,200 fans descended on High Wycombe and their support was, as always, incredible.


I was left wondering if I would make it there yesterday as at 12:40 I had just made it back to the car at Bristol Airport. My cousin, who had been on a school ski trip all week, landed at about half eleven and the original plan had been to be on the road by not long after twelve, with or without him. That didn’t happen! Pulling up about five minutes from the ground it’s always stimulating to hear chants of ‘Blue army!’ as the masses made their way through the industrial estate and, despite the late departure time, we made it inside the ground with about twenty minutes to spare.


If I’m honest, I couldn’t see us winning yesterday as we had been playing poorly leading up to the game and Wycombe are a quality side. In proving me right yesterday, Rovers proved me wrong. Despite the defeat, they did turn up, they did work hard and a draw would have been a fair result.


I felt the first half was average, Wycombe probably just edging it and forcing one or two saves from Mildenhall. We looked comfortable whilst not really posing a threat and, with the quality that Wycombe possessed coming forwards, I was always worried that one stray pass could prove disastrous. The hosts’ attackers make very intelligent runs where they pull right out to the touch-line and ask for the ball inside of the defender which would tear less-able opposition to pieces, but again, this was something I felt we coped with ably.


We were definitely the better team in the second half, owed in my opinion to the introduction of Billy Bodin. We looked more direct and had more of the ball in and around the Wycombe penalty area. We forced one or two close-range saves from Ryan Allsop after set pieces but at times seemed to lack the ‘killer’ ball. I must comment on the standard of refereeing in the second half as I thought the shove on Bodin was a stonewall penalty, and if not, why was Bodin not issued with a yellow card for simulation? Ollie Clarke and Matty Taylor forced further saves from Allsop with their long-range efforts and in all, I felt we possibly deserved to be in the lead.


To lose the game in the way we did was disappointing and against Wycombe, it hurts. The foul leading to the goal was necessary at the time to halt a promising, fast-paced Wycombe attack, but if you can’t defend set pieces, it’s the kind of foul you can’t afford to make. As the ball came over Mildenhall came off his line and stopped, hesitated, which you simply can not do but, it was a free header in the box, James Clarkes’ man and I would have thought that we would have known better.


On a more positive note, it was great to see Wael Al Qadi in the away end for a fleeting visit at half-time today. I was talking with a few mates and we heard a cheer before chants of ‘Wael’ erupted and the man was flashmobbed! As fans it’s great to see a bit of passion from someone who has more money than most of us can even begin to comprehend. It was a harsh defeat yesterday but the beauty of football means that there’s always another game around the corner to put things right, I’ll see you down the Mem on Tuesday. UTG!

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