Where will we be in 5 Years ?

After a couple of days since the announcement that the Al-Qadi Family had bought a 92% stake in Bristol Rovers, I sit here asking myself the question, “where do I think Rovers will be in 5 years ?”

Well the first subject I feel I should talk about is what this buy out means for the new stadium development? The planning permission for the new stadium was obviously a big selling point for the club and probably one of the main reasons the Al-Qadi family were attracted to us. It’s already been stated that regardless of the outcome in our on going court case against Sainsbury’s, the club now has the finances to go and build the stadium. Of course, the new owners will need to go away and take a look at the stadium plans and other business surrounding the plans, but I’m confident that within the next five years rovers will have moved into the stadium we have waited so long for.

Another reason I’m Bristol Rovers v Morecambe 200216sure was a major factor in the purchase, would be the magnificent fan-base Bristol Rovers has. It’s already been shown the potential the club has throughout the years with the two Wembley visits, away attendances and average home crowds of 7,000 and that all being in the bottom leagues of English football. Imagine if we had that new stadium and a team competing in the championship or dare I say it, Premiership with our rivals from the other side of Bristol. A premiership with a Bristol derby, Manchester derby and Merseyside derby can only be a good thing for the top flight in English football.

I may be jumping the gun a bit even thinking of the premiership but if these new owners have the right plans in place and execute them in the appropriate manner then why can’t we realistically think about that.

I do worry about losing the closeness between the fans, players and manager if we were to move up the leagues. Is that one thing we made need to sacrifice to see a team competing at the highest level? Or can we keep tha12711313_1000979983309551_8094300289716461160_ot togetherness as we hopefully see higher calibre players come and go? The togetherness we have at the club at the moment is something I feel we could only have being a lower league football club. I may be wrong and I hope I am as I feel the family spirit this club has is s what makes us unique. The new owners have made it clear they want to keep that family spirit and I really hope they do.

So where do I think Rovers will be in 5 years time.. I think we will have the new stadium, be a mid table Championship side and hopefully have Tom Lockyer captaining the side with Darrel Clarke as our long serving manger.  On that point I just have to say how pleased I was to see Tom Lockyer given the chance to captain the side against Morecambe and credit to Darrel Clarke for giving him that opportunity.

This is an exciting time to be a Gashead and I cant wait to be part of this new era in the clubs history. UTG!

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