Now we have our Rovers back, please don’t take it away

With rumours a consortium ready to go public with a bid to buy the club this week I’ve been thinking what a takeover by a bunch of American millionaires or a Jordanian prince would mean for the club and for the fans.

uwestadium_frontFirstly you would think that UWE stadium would be built meaning we can move away from the Mem which is in fairness not exactly a palace. As a Gashead it’s the only stadium I have known and I like it as a ‘proper’ ground with terracing, non-matching stands, terrible bars, etc. All of those things give it a soul and a unique atmosphere that is a joy to be a part of every other Saturday.

Would a new Stadium at UWE match that? Undoubtedly it would have much better facilities, traffic links, disabled access, etc. All the things you would expect from a new stadium. However the increased capacity (25k?) could lead to us sitting in a half empty identikit stadium struggling to create any noise.

The reverse could easily be true and we get a stadium packed with passionate Gasheads every week and fans who visit sing our praises and look forward to a good day out in Bristol.

My main worry is that new owner(s) would want to change the identity of the club. I love that we can’t quite get things right (Santas grotto, shirts for Wembley, Liam Lawrences photo, so many more) and it’s part of that special punishment of being a Gashead that when we look like we’ve turned a corner we go ahead and fall off the cliff.

Then there is the famous blue and white quarters, the pirate, Goodnight Irene, all the things that make Bristol Rovers special.

Say what you will about Nick Higgs and the current board, but they are Gasheads and they know what comes with being a Rovers supporter and the history and tradition of the club.

I worry whether a new (especially foreign) owner(s) would understand and buy into this. How many times have we seen clubs being taken over and the new owners trying to change the fabric of the club (Cardiff, Hull, etc).  God forbid a new owner(s) want us to play in red! Although I do quite fancy this little number as an away or third strip….Jabal home

All these rumours swirl around while the club has announced a close to £1m annual loss. On one hand it would seem the club is on the road to ruin under the current board, but is the grass always greener on the other side?

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  • Unfortunately with the way football is going in general I think we have no choice but to hope we get a big buyout – we just need to hope it’s the right one that will run our club not only in a sustainable way, but in a way that leaves the spirit of the fans intact.

    A tricky one no doubt! But unfortunately many mistakes from Nick Higgs have led to our current position. Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously done good too… but we can’t keep losing money without someone else to pump some in.

    And for that reason I think we just have to hope and pray for the right interest.

  • Bongo Bill
    3 years ago

    As posted above, if this club is to ever move forward it will need new investment and of a great magnitude. But if when or ever .. who knows

    I will believe it when I am sat in it … Err if you get me drift.

  • Tom Metcalfe
    3 years ago

    A friend pointed me in the direction of the FOH: which would be amazing for Rovers if we could mobilise the fans into something similar.

    It seems that the only way fan ownership is viable is when the club is about to go out of business unfortunately.

    For now we’ll have to hope the new owner(s) (if they exist) run the club as Harley has said.

    We obviously can’t go on losing circa £1m a year under NH so something has to change. Here’s to hoping it’s for the better!

    • I do get that vibe, Pompey managed theirs only after going into severe financial meltdown and, although things are not ideal with us, we are not at that stage yet thankfully.

      • Tom Metcalfe
        3 years ago

        It could always be worse we could be Yeovil *ducks for cover*

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