Come back Ellis!

Ellis Harrison celebrates the winning goal at Oxford.

Ellis Harrison celebrates the winning goal at Oxford.

Has anyone else noticed? I know its only been 3 games and it may just be coincidence, but since Ellis Harrison went out on loan to Hartlepool we haven’t won a match….

I remember listening to the GasCast podcast interview with a Mr Lee Brown. He was asked who he thought were the biggest influences in the changing room. One of his answers was Ellis Harrison. We all know Ellis has a big personality and that can sometimes get him into trouble, but I think a lot of people don’t realise just how much of a good guy he is. Even with all the stick some fans give him, he’s always got a smile on his face, laughing a joking with his team mates.

I’m sure Ellis isn’t the only one with a big influence in the changing room, but I just wonder if his absence has had an effect on the team? I know this blip in form has to come sooner or later (Hopefully a very small blip), and I know losing one player can’t be the sole reason for a team having a drop in results, but if the player in question has such a big influence on his team mates then just maybe its had a bigger effect than usual?

Harrison training with Hartlepool.

Harrison training with Hartlepool.


As well as having a big influence on his team mates, Ellis Harrison is in my opinion, one of our most promising players. He has all the attributes to be a top striker. He can be a lethal finisher, His hold up play is one of the best in the side and he possesses good strength and pace.  As you can probably tell, I am a great admirer of Harrison and I hope to see him back playing for the gas sooner rather than later. Even though I think Harrison is one of our strongest players, I do understand why Darrell Clarke wasn’t picking him in the starting 11. Taylor and Gaffney were at the time in magnificent form and Harrison didn’t have many opportunities himself to put a run of games together, so I admire his decision to want to go out on loan to gain some valuable game time. Other players would have been happy just sat on the bench receiving a wage every week. Unfortunately for Ellis, he picked up an injury in his second start for Hartlepool and has been side-lined ever since.

Like I said, it may just be coincidence that this bad run has come when Harrison isn’t with the squad. But then again maybe we have underestimated just how much Bristol Rovers needs Ellis Harrison, even if it’s just a presence in the changing room? It all makes for a good debate. I for one hope Ellis recovers from his injury and we see him back in a Rovers Jersey soon.

Onwards and upwards Gasheads. UTG!

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