Faithful and True

I’ve said it before, but I’m proud to be a Bristol Rovers supporter. I was even more proud after reading ‘Faithful and true’. I don’t read a lot of books, but personally knowing the author of this book, I just had to read it.

Every football fan will tell you that their club is the best and there’s not better team to support. Of course we will say that, we’re totally biased. But when you see someone who comes from far away, seeking a new start in life and he then finds love, comfort and a new family within the club that you support, it gives you a great deal of satisfaction and knowing that you really do support a great club. John Thompson, a great friend of mine, has done exactly that and has written ‘Faithful and True’ to tell the fans of Bristol Rovers and football fans in General his journey to becoming a Gashead.

After reading ‘Faithful and True’ and speaking to John, I was inspired to start writing as well. Hence the reason I am now writing for GasCast who have given me this great opportunity. 41pM-aOcTGLSo I just wanted to share with you my inspiration and why I am sat here right now with my laptop and a coffee by the side of me writing for you. originally I thought about writing a book the same as John, I may still end up writing a book one day, but for now, writing about my club and sharing my views and opinions about Bristol rovers on and off the pitch seems like a great idea.

Anyway, this book will leave any football fan laughing out loud in places, As well as being able to relate to a lot of moments John has been through whilst supporting The Gas. By the way, this isn’t a professional book review, it’s just my views like any other posts I write on this Blog. Some people may not enjoy this book as much as I have, but then again I would be surprised if any football fan didn’t enjoy this book.

Give ‘Faithful and True’ a read and I promise you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks for reading this post and do let me know if you read ‘Faithful and True’ and what you think of it. UTG!


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